Re: Copyright laws

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 10/17/96

>> I steal a copy, go into a text editor, change it a little bit, and change
>> the copyright to ME. I now use it in my mud.
>BUZZ!  Notta, theres a little thing called plagiarism, and go and ask any 
>english teacher, and plagiarism is not fixed by changing a small portion 
>of the work, if you use that work, as a base, or unmodified, it is still 
>copyright that person.

Well, technically, you can get away with using someone else's copyright work
as a base, if you change at least 70% of it.  [Or that's what I was told
several years back by someone.]  But then, I guess if you changed 70%, it'd
be essentially your own work..

Oh well.


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