From: Søren Peter skou (tigerdyr@internet.dk)
Date: 10/19/96

Hi All..

Wonder, I have a problem with the saving of poofin/poofout, even though
I think I've done everything as I'm supposed to (Saw the thingie around
here some time ago)

In structs.h I've put in :

#define POOF_LENGTH	50

struct player_special_data_saved{
 /* taking first ubyte spare0 */  POOFOUT(ch) = 
 char poofin[POOF_LENGTH + 1];
 /* Second spare */
 char poofout[POOF_LENGTH + 1];  
 /* Then of course the rest of the struct */

in db.c I've put in  store_to_char 

  POOFIN(ch) = st->player_specials_saved.poofin;
  POOFOUT(ch) = st->player_specials_saved.poofout;

in char_to_store

  if (POOFIN(ch))
            strcpy(st->player_specials_saved.poofin, POOFIN(ch));
  if (POOFOUT(ch))
            strcpy(st->player_specials_saved.poofout, POOFOUT(ch));

I've made a playerfile wipe so that is a clean one. But now the mud
crashes everytime somebody quits. 

when somebody logs in it says :

Sat Oct 19 13:48:37 :: SYSERR: Unknown apply adjust attempt (handler.c,

a lot of times, the person logs in anyhow. then tries to save, and GDB
tells me this 

Sat Oct 19 13:49:37 :: Losing player: Muh.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x5003082d in spell_info ()

Oki, now the mud crashed. a Backtrace tells me :

(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x5003082d in spell_info ()
#1  0x5009b4bc in spell_info ()

Now what??? I'm lost. I can't see where I'm going wrong.

/Soren is going bonkers over this
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