Date: 10/19/96

i'm a trying to use lint (for the first time ever ;) to debug this
bitfields source code (i'm on a SYSV) and i used the command:  
lint -cn *.c > errors 
and it generated a 1.2 megs big :(

a quick glance at it, however, shows it giving things as errors which
are in the regular source code which compiles without any problems at
all.   e.g. struct.h(504): syntax error at or near type word "char"
where line 504 is:  

503: typedef signed char   sbyte;
504: typedef unsigned char ubyte;

and these lines are obviously in the standard source code and cause no
problems at all in compiling it.

so, am i doing something wrong with lint (extremely likely, since i've
never used it before ;)  or is there some other problem here?
(heh... i just noticed the date on the lint man page:  
Last change: 23 February 1988 - i guess it may just be that i need a
newer version of lint? :)

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