Re: parse error??
Date: 10/19/96

> On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:
> >      Yes, funny that, but let me tell you what I have done -
> >      recoded the entire save object file format, made so much
> >      changes to fight.c I dont even recognise it anymore *laugh*,
> >      well, its too long to list - you have to realise that I am
> >      re-coding my SECOND version of the mud that has been up for two
> >      years now.
> >   
> >      And I aint talking about just having heaps of extra spells and
> >      skills - I am talking about re-coding gameplay, how players gain
> >      xp, how they lose levels when they die.  And heh, I dont even
> >      have a damn titles[] array anymore.
> > 
> >      And I am talking about a 30MB circle directory.  Heh, lets see,
> >      my builders can make mobs that casts spells without having
> >      to know any C code, and no, I aint using mobprog.  All the code
> >      are original because we (the coding team and I) are paranoid
> >      about bugs.
> > 
> >      So, next time someone says they have done extensive mods, please
> >      dont try to imply otherwise - its not appreciated.  And yes,
> >      I have tried using the patches and they took eternity - so I'd
> >      rather not, so dont imply they I dont know how to either..sheesh.
>   Okay, let me tell you about what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about
>   no levels, no classes, 200+ spells, completely recoded spell templates,
>   an entirely new parser, an extremely complicated race implementation
>   that has affects everywhere throughout the code, a completely rewritten
>   fight.c, seven new files (parser.c, nanny.c, newbie.c, etc.), entirely
>   event driven source coed, dynamically added socials, completely changed
>   room/obj/mob file formats (COMPLETELY), most of the comm.c code has
>   been changed, no mana, etc., etc.  Too numerous to even go on, but I've
>   done a lot.  Looking at my MUD can tell you that.  So don't try to
>   disprove me when I'm making perfect sense.
>   <*=-+Daniel+-=*>
>   "Forgive me father, for I am sin."
	This list isn't for I've done this this and this, look how cool I am.
	Let's try to stay a little more on topic..

--Pegasus of OnyxMUD

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