Re: [Code] Cont oasis probs

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 10/20/96

>   This may sound like i reposting the same questiong to some of
>you, but im just reposting the same problem:(  In Oasis Olc's MEDIT
>when i editing an existing mob everything works fine, but when our
>builders create a new mob and go to Save Internally the mud crashes 
>on a segmentation fault:(  I inserted a bunch of messages  so i could
>attempt to pin point the problem:
   Ahh.. that is a well known problem.  It's a bug in the version of Oasis
you are
using.  v1.2 fixes it, which is on  [of course, if you are
using v1.2 ..
then I have no idea what's wrong.. :>   I used to have the same problem with
on bpl11, but put in v1.2 and the problem went away.  :>


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