My port problems
Date: 10/20/96

	Ok, I seem to have narrowed this down a little.. What seems to be
happening is that whenever my mud recieves a Segmentation Fault, it closes
without resetting the port...  I got this far after toying with things a
while and duplicating the error a few times... So now several of said ports
are gone... I consider myself a decent coder, but sockets and stuff are a 
little over my head.. From what it looks like, I need either a) a way to 
close that socket/port when the mud gets a seg fault, or b) write some kind
of process to run between autoruns that will attatch itself to that 
socket/port and close it if it is left open.  Anyone know if either of 
these are possible, or maybe even could point me in the direction of 
trying to figure this out?

--Pegasus of OnyxMUD

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