[code] Suggesting minor code change

From: Michael Scott (scottm@workcomm.net)
Date: 10/21/96

command which shows current what is being edited.  Now, this buffer is prolly
at some point going to be longer than a screen, so i used page_string(blah)
to show it to the user, BUT alas the order in which the prompts and input 
is currently checked goes: editor then pager then mudders. (comm.c game 
loop area and make prompt()) .. the easy fix for this was just to swap 
the order around (reverse the top 2 if statements in both cases) and then 
my problem was solved.  I was just wondering if it was put that way for a 
reason (i cant find any).. because there are instances obviously when yer 
in the editor and you want to page something.. but i cant imagine being 
in the pager and wanting to edit something. :]
	Anyways, have fun and code smart.

PS. If you are having problems debugging lower level memory leaks, or 
debugging in general, i highly recommend that you pick up a book similar to:

	by Steve Maguire
	ISBN 1-55615-551-4

	Basically this book lays out some well refined ways of making the bugs
present in your code happen ALL the TIME, and reporting when they happen and 
where.  As well as, gives alot of advice and pointers on good coding  
techniques.  (theres quite a bit of c code in the book).  No programmer 
should ever feel that he's too good to pick up a book.

                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."
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