Re: [code] Debugging Tool: Purify

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 10/21/96

Gary Barnett writes:
> I recently used a copy of Purify/NT to debug my MUD. I found the
> results quite interesting.
> My question: Has anyone here used the UNIX version of Purify? Specifically
> under Linux.. 

I've used Purify extensively under SunOS, Ultrix, and HP-UX and have
found it to be an excellent tool for producing bug-free code, but as
far as I know there is no Linux version of Purify.

In any case Purify is so expensive that it will probably be outside
the budget of 99% of the people here.  (The SunOS version is around
$1500 per copy.)  Does anyone know of a (hopefully less expensive) tool
that provides the same capabilities under Linux?

Edward Almasy
Axis Data

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