[code] Debugging Tool: Purify

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@polarnet.com)
Date: 10/21/96

I recently used a copy of Purify/NT to debug my MUD. I found the
results quite interesting. I had expected more large memory leaks,
but in truth there were only a couple small ones that were being
repeated over and over (that's what I get from making changes to the
code around the socket routines I suppose :)

More interesting was the fence-post errors it found. In three cases
I had declared a string array to be one character shorter than required,
and several socials were accessing memory incorrectly. 

My question: Has anyone here used the UNIX version of Purify? Specifically
under Linux.. 

Thanks for your time,

Gary Barnett

-- http://www.polarnet.com/Users/gbarnett/ -- telnet://mud.polarnet.com:4000
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