Re: [code] Debugging Tool: Purify

From: Michael Scott (
Date: 10/21/96

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Gary Barnett wrote:

> I recently used a copy of Purify/NT to debug my MUD. I found the
> results quite interesting. I had expected more large memory leaks,
> but in truth there were only a couple small ones that were being
> repeated over and over (that's what I get from making changes to the
> code around the socket routines I suppose :)
> More interesting was the fence-post errors it found. In three cases
> I had declared a string array to be one character shorter than required,
> and several socials were accessing memory incorrectly. 
> My question: Has anyone here used the UNIX version of Purify? Specifically
> under Linux.. 

	In a post about 3 hours ago i mentioned a book, that has SOME of the
basics which purify has, (validating pointers and keeping track of memory
lists).. if you want the fence post checking you'd have to write that your
self..  but the basic code for replacing malloc/free is in:
	by Steve Maguire
 	ISBN 1-55615-551-4
It also contains other helpful debugging strategies.  my copy cost 24.95

ALSO: an excellent book about programming techniques:
	by Steve McConnel
	ISBN 1-55615-484-4
	35.00 retail

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