Re: Political bullshit

From: Etheral Oasis Admin (
Date: 10/22/96

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Leonard Burns IV wrote:

> I think that the owner of the mud would be whoever initially started it, 
> dloaded the code, put endless hours of time and effort into it, and 
> dealt with the most newbies. (J/K about that last one. =] ) In my case 
> we have 3 coders, including myself, who 'own' the mud. Most people think 
> that the owner of the site 'owns' the mud, personally, I don't agree 
> with that view.

i agree with that opinion, espically if its a free site or if everyone 
pitches in to pay for it.  Now, if one person, coded, paid for the site, 
and put up with everything, i'd consider him the "owner"  Yet, the 
"owner" decisiuon is a decision for the founding imps to decide IMO.  

my 2 cents

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