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From: Mike Prior (
Date: 10/22/96

Ed Beheler wrote:
> I beseech you fellow mud implementors to supply your input on the following
> question:
> What specifically makes a particular person the owner of
> a particular MUD?
> I look forward to your opinions.
> Ed Beheler

When we started our MUD we all decided that whoever wanted to pay for
the site and any ongoing would be a 'part owner'.  In most cases a MUD
is not a free thing (especially in Australia).  We all signed an
agreement at the start and any new additions were also made to sign an
agreement on joining the crew.  As my friend and I downloaded and did
the original coding we had the final say on who did what and we didn't
let anyone add any zones unless they were prepared to part with it.

This is the way we did it and only a guide for anyone else who chooses
to use it.

The bottom line is you must have a crew of dedicated people you can
TRUST <------- This is so important.  All these people look to recruit
any old coder to do the job as they need the help, but in my opinion
that can be dangerous as coders are usually the imps. You need to
establish a relationhship with any person involved before giving them
any real access to the MUD.

Helleth - GOD of FIRE!
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