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Date: 10/22/96 (Steve Reeves) wrote: (Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:37:12 -0400 (EDT))

 >  >I beseech you fellow mud implementors to supply your input on the following
 >  >question:
 >  >
 >  >What specifically makes a particular person the owner of
 >  >a particular MUD?
 >    hmm.. Let's hope my answer here doesn't start a flame war or anything,
 >  but, in my
 >  view, I think the person who 'owns' the MUD is probably the person who pays
 >  for
 >  the site.  That definition of ownership, however, is the most general I can
 >  think of.  
 >  I think what you might've meant by that question is 'How do you determine
 >  who is in charge of the MUD?'  [Although, I'm tired here, and I might be
 >  interpreting this incorrectly.]  That's a little different.  I'd say that's
 >  probably the person who directs
 >  the activity of all the coders and builders.  Or, it could be the person
 >  everyone looks 
 >  upon for the 'Final Say' in any matter.  I guess it really depends on the
 >  attitude of the
 >  players & Gods of that particular MUD.
 >  However, I'd also be interested in hearing what others have to say.
 I consider myself to be the owner of the mud I run. I purchased the
 machine, maintain it, do all of the coding and supervise the rest of
 the effort. To say I own it.. and that It's entirely mine isn't the
 same I figure.. Credit goes to the original author's of the code base,
 the other people who contributed ideas and helped see them to fruition,
 etc.. From a copyright standpoint; the code changes are mine and the
 builders have only granted the mud a license to use their areas.. a non
 exclusive license.

 I think the bottom line of mud ownership, is that the owner is that
 person who fully intends to see the project to completion, and devotes
 the majority of resources towards that end, whether it be by building,
 coding, maintaining the site or administering the mud, or a combination
 of the above.
 my $0.02,


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