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From: The Arrow (
Date: 10/22/96

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Admin of The Keep wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Ed Beheler wrote:
> > I beseech you fellow mud implementors to supply your input on the following
> > question:
> > 
> > What specifically makes a particular person the owner of
> > a particular MUD?
>   A MUD originates at one point.  It can pass through ten billion points
>   but it still originated at that one point.  So, the logical answer,
>   IMHO, would be whomever originated the MUD (eg., first started work on
>   the project, first gave birth to the ideas, AND first implemented any
>   portion of any one of the ideas); the only other owner of the MUD would
>   be someone the original owner (as defined above) specifically states is
>   the new sole owner, and provided that other people are made aware that
>   ownership has changed (for reasons of proof and so that everyone knows
>   or can easily discover whom is the owner of the MUD).

In that case Jeremy Elson owns ALL Circle muds that is running today :)

/ Joachim

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