Re: code help.

From: Michael Scott (
Date: 10/23/96

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Cyber Reaper wrote:

> does anyone have a online social editor WITH menu... I got a copy of 
> a social editor from the ftp but I am not good enuff to make the 
> menus for it....

	I have an online social editor, but my reasons for not making a 
patch and placing it in the ftp site are simple, there IS no easy patch 
for it.  Before i even began writing the actual editor, i had to change 
how commands were handled in interpreter.c and rip out all the socials 
placed in the master command (TM) list.  Then at boot time read the socials 
from the socials file into a smaller 'socials command list' (the socials 
list had to be modified to hold not just the text for the socials but.. 
minimum positions, level info, etc..)   From there i sorted them together. 
THEN i began on the editor ...  really that was the easiest part of the 
whole thing.
	What you should do is grab that socials editor you saw on ftp (is 
there a socials editor?) install that.. then add a menuing system over 
the top of it (maybe assign that to one of your coders).

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