[RP](DIFFICULT)Random Encounter Code

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (Prospero@bbs.x-net.net)
Date: 10/23/96

Fellow Coders:
        I have been toying with a neat idea for my mud but I am totally
dumbfounded as where to begin.  I haven't been coding for but a short time,
so I am no expert.  However, I really think this would be a cool code.  I
would apperciate (and thank in advance) anyone for helping me start, telling
me how to, or giving me some hints for coding the following into circle
(esp. if some of you have done so already):

        I would like to add random encounters to my mud.  For those who play
AD&D, you know what I mean.  For those who don't, random encounters are like
loading a mob in the same room based on probability.  The type of mob and
probability to appear randomly would be controlled by a random encounter
table.  Also, easier mobs would show up more frequently than harder.  The
chace for a random encounter would be 1d6 and the random enconter tables,
based on terrain, would result from the roll of 1d8+1d12.  If you don't know
alot about random enconters and i haven't clearly explained it, please reply
to this mail.

        Again, thanks to anyone having any ideas concerning it.  And thanks
in advance to anyone with code for it.
Nicholas Wourms 8^)

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