Re: [RP](DIFFICULT)Random Encounter Code

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/23/96

> Fellow Coders:
>         I would like to add random encounters to my mud.  For those who play
> AD&D, you know what I mean.  For those who don't, random encounters are like
> loading a mob in the same room based on probability.  The type of mob and
> probability to appear randomly would be controlled by a random encounter
> table.  Also, easier mobs would show up more frequently than harder.  The
> chace for a random encounter would be 1d6 and the random enconter tables,
> based on terrain, would result from the roll of 1d8+1d12.  If you don't know
> alot about random enconters and i haven't clearly explained it, please reply
> to this mail.

Well, it would be very unrealistic... and the way muds work, they already
have 'random encounters'. AD&D random encounters are to simulate the
mob/creature/whathaveyou already being there. The DM does not have time to
add in, and keep track of every wandering creature in the world, hence
random encounters. Well... muds already have this. Load a mob in a field and
let it wander. If you run into it, poof, random encounter. If I were a
player I'd get kinda pissed if I looked around, no mobs for 3 squares in
either direction, I go to sleep for a few minutes to regen and all of a
sudden a giant loads in my room and nails me.

Muds already have random encounters in the fact that there ARE wandering
mobs with stats running around out there. AD&D needs the tables because the
DM cant keep track of every orc, giant and troll running about in the fields
and forests of his world.

Hades of EM which re-opens Saturday afternoon after a HUGE code overhaul.
(The total removal of PC levels, for one)

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