Re: [RP](DIFFICULT)Random Encounter Code
Date: 10/23/96

MU>Well, it would be very unrealistic... and the way muds work, they already
MU>have 'random encounters'. AD&D random encounters are to simulate the
MU>mob/creature/whathaveyou already being there. The DM does not have time to
MU>add in, and keep track of every wandering creature in the world, hence
MU>random encounters. Well... muds already have this. Load a mob in a field and
MU>let it wander. If you run into it, poof, random encounter. If I were a
MU>player I'd get kinda pissed if I looked around, no mobs for 3 squares in
MU>either direction, I go to sleep for a few minutes to regen and all of a
MU>sudden a giant loads in my room and nails me.

This is a very good point. I thought about trying to add some random
encounter code before, but it was killed in theory. No code ever came of
it, and the conclusion was that it was too unrealistic. ;)

However, you can help simulate it with propper zone building. I almost
always add a room that is not really 'part' of the zone, but has 6 exits
all to various points in the zone. Load all your mobs in there, and let
them wander wherever they will.

As a side note:

I have noticed a few more posts lately regaurding Ad&d based MUD. We had
a successful political action to turn our MUD from the current Ad&d-ish
base we were working toward. In favor of a 'home-grown' gaming system.
The argument was as follows:
 Ad&d is a VERY good system on paper, for people.
 However, the CPU is what is really doing alot of the WORK in the game
world. And the CPU does not have to use a system that works good on
paper, it can handle a very complex number system much faster than we

So we can home-grow a system that is more 'realistic.' We currently have
a push toward item damage/destruction and a hit-location system in

--Ziz, NetShamen

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