[CODE] Looking for help with Language Snippet

From: Chris A (chrisa@cujo.icom.ca)
Date: 10/23/96

I apologise if this is a SPAM topic, as I just recently got back on
this list, alothough I havn't seen the question yet.

Ok, I am using the patched Circle compilation off of the FTP site, and
so far everything seems to work great, except for the new language
support. It is definitly messing up. Everytime you go to say, or gsay
or anything like that the mud bombs.  Unfortunatly, nothing is
reported in any log. 

When I compile it tells me in races.c
in abilities_language

125  Large INT truncated to unsigned type

These are the coressponding lines when the information of languages
are save to char.special

Anyone know what I am missing? Or do we need more?

Running a full Linux Box, and all the dependancy files are there.

Zippy the Wonderslug

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