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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/24/96

 Ebon Mists <> wrote: (Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:32:36 -0500 (CDT))

 >  Ok, a few things:
 >  #1, in case you havent noticed... the list appends a  to all your
 >  messages, you HAVE to have noticed this, because you appended  to
 >  the beginning, and when you post to the list (or at least when I do) I get a
 >  copy of my mail back from the list)
 >  And do we really need all those flags?
 >  [code][prob]
 >  I think that's what the title of it is. Now that's a little unnecessary I
 >  think. The damn header is so long I cannot see the subject of the message.
 >  Can we please chill out on the headers we use, it's getting rediclous.
 >  Besides the fact that [prob] is not necessary. If I went in that frame of
 >  mind this message would have looked like:
 >  [code][prob][headers][flaming][too long]
 >  Lets all just chill a bit with the headers. I like to actually SEE the
 >  message subject every now and then.

Well, the upside would be that with a header like that, one doesn't need
a subject *grin*

Seriously.. (Re:)  ([code] | [admin] | [newbie]) would suffice I


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