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From: The Chuckster (
Date: 10/25/96

> Ok, a few things:
> #1, in case you havent noticed... the list appends a  to all your
> messages, you HAVE to have noticed this, because you appended  to
> the beginning, and when you post to the list (or at least when I do) I get a
> copy of my mail back from the list)
> And do we really need all those flags?
> [code][prob]
> I think that's what the title of it is. Now that's a little unnecessary I
> think. The damn header is so long I cannot see the subject of the message.
Well I already brought this up, and people had trouble comprehending the
whole thing. My philosphy is, if you can't think of a meaningful subject
on your own, don't post to mailing lists then. A subject is exactly
that, a brief desciption regarding the contents of the post. I used to
read all the post and help out as much as I could. Now, since the headers
are added, I only look through the circle mail if I am specifically
looking for something. I recieve about 150 pieces of mail a day from 
various projects and I don't have time to differentiate the different
circle posts. I don't know, maybe this is one reason why the productivity
on the list has declined substantially. People don't realize that not
all of us use all of us use the pretty little windoze email packages. I 
work from a very small typeface in an xterm, so it gets real annoying 
trying to parse out the real meaning of the post from the [blah's] in 
front of it. Anyway, that is my 2 cents, I feel people will be more 
responsive and helpful if they did not have to wade thorugh the bs. Also, 
the read the FAQ thingy added to the end annoys me as well. Everytime I 
reply, I have to delete the FAQ box, otherwise the spam level would just 
increase with each reply. Many people argued that they need the  
to use for their filtering functionality. I'm not sure with the windoze 
mail utils, but my mail utility allows me to filter off of many things:
the sender's address, sender's domain, any string in the subject, sender's
login or nickname. It does not mater to me either way, I am just saying
the list would get more responses without the garbage. I am speaking
for three of us on the list, the other two don't even read their circle
mail anymore.


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