Crashing MUD (as if thats a rare thing to happen)

From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 10/24/96

ok, I would love to be able to say that when this or that happens
the MUD crashes, but I can't... cuz I don't know whats making my MUD crash
anyways... in the syslogs I have obtained the following errors, when it 
actually gets them, often times the mud will crash, I'll look at 
syslog.CRASH and it will have something perfectly normal, so I don't know

Thu Oct 24 20:22:19 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not updated
Thu Oct 24 20:28:25 :: SYSERR: Unknown apply adjust attempt (handler.c, 
Thu Oct 24 20:39:28 :: SYSERR: EQUIP: Obj is in_room when equip.  
Error reading board: No such file or directory
Thu Oct 24 20:35:10 :: SYSERR: Char is already equipped: the Elven guard, 
a Two...

(note: the Char is already equipped happens very often with PCs, not just 
this particular NPC)
I'm not very good at debugging currently, so I don't know much about 
debugging tools, iow I'm trying to learn them, but am a lil slow at it, 
with school getting in the way and all... anyways....

I've added autoeq, easy-color, newbie_eq, alias, alias_fix, scan, 
who-changer, uhhh OasisOLC (I apologize for not having sent e-mail to the 
ppl whose patches I've used so far, I plan to, but again I'm slow right 
now), and I added 170 levels, giving 200 +4 levels changed level from: 
byte level; to unsigned char level; uhhhh that's about all I can, oh 
wait, added a class, uhmm that's all I can think of that I've added(OH, 
did I mention that this was NEWBIE??) uhhh any help on this would be 
greatly appreciated....

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