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From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 10/24/96

ok, =:) I have several spells and skills I would be willing to trade 
for others... I have:
DISARM (enuff said)
DRAIN    (mage skill... drain mana from others)
RETREAT (like flee but dont leave room or loose exp, can add exp loss 

FEAST   (no need for food or even makeing it...)
THROWING DISKS   (a version of magic missile)
FLY   (tekes less moves... this is not a little spell)

looking for:


PUSH (I have seenthis on... push the person into another room. good 
             for pushing partners into posable death traps =:} )


any of the above skills in spell form.

seeing how several of these skills or spells are past my ability I am 
asking now for a trade... some of the spells are simple aff[0]'s but 
it works... also withen the week I will also have to offer NOCHARM 
and NOSUMMON spells. I have removed the PRF NOSUMMON from my mud
and made it so if you want protection you have to find or earn it.

A little info on DRAIN, it drains VICT of mana and addes it to the 
CH's mana pool, BUT (*evil grin*) if the VICT mana drops below 0 they 
die, and if the CH's mana goes over MAXMANA they explode in pure 
energy doing damage to everyone in the room (my faveret spell =:} )

ALSO looking for:

A doc on makeing channels and limiting them clans or POS on sender 
and recever, 

How to make it so when a PLAYER hands a MOB a item with the right 
VNUM the mob will respond accordingle...

someone to come and get the stupid mobprog to work in my mud and add 
a mobprog editor to medit (oassis). (I am in no way able to do this 

someone explaining how to get the OBJ TIMERS working (yes alix I have 
the snippit =:} ) but I mean geting them working using the TIMER in 

now these are things that are not important enuff to bring before my 
coders, and some of them they have tried.

Thank you.

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