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From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/25/96

> ok, =:) I have several spells and skills I would be willing to trade 
> for others... I have:
> skills:
> DISARM (enuff said)

easy enough skill to do.

> DRAIN    (mage skill... drain mana from others)

GET_MANA(ch) += num_drained;
GET_MANA(vict) -= num_drained;

How difficult is that?

> RETREAT (like flee but dont leave room or loose exp, can add exp loss 
>                      easy)

Retreat skill:

  struct char_data *tmp;

  tmp = FIGHTING(ch);
  if(FIGHTING(tmp) == ch)

> FEAST   (no need for food or even makeing it...)
> THROWING DISKS   (a version of magic missile)

Uh... just add anopther case statement to mag_damage, whippidey do.

> FLY   (tekes less moves... this is not a little spell)

in mag_affects add a fly affect.
In act.movement.c search for need_movement then after it is set make:

if(affected_by_spell(ch, SPELL_FLY))
  need_movement >>= 1;

That halves move costs for flying people. I'd call that a little spell.

> looking for:

Ok I can understand these 2, these are difficult to code.


Copy backstab and modify it a little. Thats hard.

> PUSH (I have seenthis on... push the person into another room. good 
>              for pushing partners into posable death traps =:} )

Hmm cool idea. Gonna go code this.

> any of the above skills in spell form.
> seeing how several of these skills or spells are past my ability I am 
> asking now for a trade... some of the spells are simple aff[0]'s but 
> it works... also withen the week I will also have to offer NOCHARM 
> and NOSUMMON spells. I have removed the PRF NOSUMMON from my mud
> and made it so if you want protection you have to find or earn it.
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