saving timers... how the heck?

From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 10/26/96

ok... I now have implemented obj timers.. and it works great... minis 
one thing.... =:)  when I add a timer to an obj in oasis and reboot, 
the timer is no longer there... I have searched but can not find 
where it should save, once I get this part I will post the code, (its 
messy, but it works) and its realy easy to do on your own, but how do 
I save the timers?

also, (just an idea) if I saved like the life of a LIGHT in a value 
field would I be able to keep track of how long it is held... I guess 
I would do a case in the same area as the timers.... hmmm... never 
mind.... =:)

still looking for one of my old sigs =:)

P.S. Realms of Reality opens on nov. 15!!! =:)
telnet login.greatbasin.get port: 4000, 
web page: (under 
Realms of Reality....
telnet:// PORT: 4000
***HD crashed... lost old SIG... will have to deal with it till L8R =:)
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