[errata] improved_edit.README

From: Michael Scott (scottm@dns.workcomm.net)
Date: 10/26/96

cut and past the olc specific code from the readme for the improved_edit
patch.  I re u/led the patch and readme to the ftp site (the README 
fixed) and the patch is the only thing in the .gz file now.
	One of the errors has to do with a MACRO that i have for clearing 
the screen:
#define KCLS  "\x1B[H\x1B[J"
which is in my screen.h that i left in the code that i placed in the README.
	Another typo (not really an error) is a line in the medit stuff

this should read:
d->backstr = NULL;

	Sorry about the errors.

                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."
		      FLAMES/COMMENTS to scottm@workcomm.net

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