Re: [errata] improved_edit.README

From: Andrew Jones (
Date: 10/26/96

Michael Scott wrote:
> cut and past the olc specific code from the readme for the improved_edit
> patch.  I re u/led the patch and readme to the ftp site (the README
> fixed) and the patch is the only thing in the .gz file now.
>         One of the errors has to do with a MACRO that i have for clearing
> the screen:
> #define KCLS  "\x1B[H\x1B[J"
> which is in my screen.h that i left in the code that i placed in the README.
>         Another typo (not really an error) is a line in the medit stuff
> reading:
> d->backstr;
> this should read:
> d->backstr = NULL;
>         Sorry about the errors.
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How about this, you could make it a lot like OasisOLC editors, by making
it so that the first 30-50 lines of text, were under option 1, and the
next 30-50 lines of text could be under option 2, and so on.
And then the next menu after selecting either of the options, would be
something like the 30-50 lines under each main_menu choice which would
have 30-50 options, where each option would be each line # respectivly.
Just a thought(which woud make tedit a tad easier to use for help files)

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