Players with (null)/faulty names

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 10/27/96


I'm having a problem, that I can't really trace down. I don't know if it
is present in the standard Circle3.0 code, as I seem unable to produce
this myself, but sometimes players are able to

log in with a (null) as the player name, or
log in with control characters as, or as part of a name.

I suspect it's part of the _parse_name function that might not filter out
controll chacacters and stuff, but what is REALLY wierd, is the fact, that
the strlen() < 2 check in nanny() seems to let players pass by using a
NULL name as the name... It puzzles me quite a lot. I was wondering if
anyone else had experienced this problem, and in case they did, how did
you fix it ?

I hope someone is able to give me some answers, as this is driving me
nuts. I haven't included any code, as I haven't changed any of the
routines associated with namechecking...


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