[CODE] Manual spells

From: Søren Peter skou (tigerdyr@internet.dk)
Date: 10/27/96

Hi all, may your day become great!

Uhm.. I'm still pondering about this ARCANE NAME/Portal spell thingie
And Thanks to Alexander I got pretty far (got the Arcane Name now) but
now I'm running into some other strange problems (might just be me being
stupid, but anyhow) 

Example player types : cast 'portal' raravaero

Oki, the spell declarations is all okay (as in people can cast portal
and actually get a result) but How on earth can I get the raravaero out
so that I can check on it. Up untill now I've got

spello (SPELL_PORTAL, 75, 50, 1, POS_STANDING,

But.. How can I see the raravaero???

/Soren was here again.

p.s. When I'm done, would anyone like the code?
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