[coding][customizable prompt, etc]

From: invincibill (long@interaccess.com)
Date: 10/27/96

first, i would like to thank everybody that helped me with my previous two
or three questions.  i got 'er all fixed up.


another question...
i have seen a circlemud(extensively reworked by now) that allowed
customizable prompts(including colors)
it also allowed for users to change colors of gossips, tells, basically any
player->screen output by use of a % and a number as a control string.

has anybody ever seen this?  does anybody know how to do it, or have code
already developed for it??  i think its really kewl and would like the mud
i'm coding for to have it.  any help, ideas, or pointers in the right
direction would be very helpful.

if there is code that allows customizable prompts could i get that too??


*the newbie pseudocoder*

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