[CODE] Some input please for idea

From: Chris A (chrisa@cujo.icom.ca)
Date: 10/28/96

	Although I don't have a site, I would like to start on the
following. But I need to work out ideas, and hopefully by the time I
get most of the work done, I will have my new cable-modem, and be able
to do all this anyway.

	I would like to do a seperate realms idea.

	Just for arguments sake, say there are four separate realms.
Each is independant of the other. World, social system may have it's
similarities in the coding (say lwr mid up ruling classes, but in one
it is that in another it is a clan system etc.)

Magic must be transportable from one place to another, however
realm-specific magic I don't mind. 

	 I would like to have them connected by gates, and only very
specific,  obscure combinations to open them.

	No communication between realms.

	You should be able to enter the mud through one port, be met
with the same butler program as we do know, however, it should start
the mud after that.

	I was thinking which way would be easier? And obviously more
upwards compatible.  

	There are two ways that I can see of doing it.

	1. Setup the butler program so that it sends the player to the
realm. (Ergo, there will be four seperate versions running).

	2. Modify the stock-circle so that it is a constant
through-out the rest, and uses tables to decide where that player is.
Also using bit-vectors and the like to set up specific realm rules.
(Although magic should be the same thorough-out.)

Anyone ever try to do this?

Anyone ever succesful?

Is this the right system to be doing this?

Is there a better one?



Zippy the WonderSlug

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