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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/27/96 (Chris A) wrote: (Sun, 27 Jan 1980 08:26:20 GMT)

 >  	Although I don't have a site, I would like to start on the
 >  following. But I need to work out ideas, and hopefully by the time I
 >  get most of the work done, I will have my new cable-modem, and be able
 >  to do all this anyway.
 >  	I would like to do a seperate realms idea.
 For my edification, what is 'a seperate realms'?

 >  	Just for arguments sake, say there are four separate realms.
 >  Each is independant of the other. World, social system may have it's
 >  similarities in the coding (say lwr mid up ruling classes, but in one
 >  it is that in another it is a clan system etc.)
 Well this would be accomplished by having 4 sets of areas.. Like for
 planets in a solar systme.. or four continents.. right?

 >  Magic must be transportable from one place to another, however
 >  realm-specific magic I don't mind. 
 Do it by limiting magic based on area.. and maybe shift commands or
 something if you want it to seem different yet not require relearning
 or something?

 >  	 I would like to have them connected by gates, and only very
 >  specific,  obscure combinations to open them.

 This would seem easy.. 
 >  	No communication between realms.

Harder.. but create some new channels that check the user's area and
send the output only to people in the area.

 >  	You should be able to enter the mud through one port, be met
 >  with the same butler program as we do know, however, it should start
 >  the mud after that.
 Just have the mud remember where the player rented (at which 'butler')
 and return them there when they enter the game. New players could go to
 a fifth place for player orientation.

 >  	I was thinking which way would be easier? And obviously more
 >  upwards compatible.  
 >  	There are two ways that I can see of doing it.
 >  	1. Setup the butler program so that it sends the player to the
 >  realm. (Ergo, there will be four seperate versions running).

 >  	2. Modify the stock-circle so that it is a constant
 >  through-out the rest, and uses tables to decide where that player is.
 >  Also using bit-vectors and the like to set up specific realm rules.
 >  (Although magic should be the same thorough-out.)
 Maybe just use the zone#?

 >  Anyone ever try to do this?
 I am creating a world based on planets in an area of space. Each planet
 (ones with populations anyway) has a seperate monetary system, production,
 consumption and governmental/social structure. I suppose this could be 
 compared to your idea.. at least what I think the idea is..

 >  Anyone ever succesful?
 Hmm. Ask me in two years.. :)

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