[code] [newbie] abbreviation snippet

From: scottb (scottb@qis.net)
Date: 10/28/96

I have been trying to add a few code snippets. The problem lies in that I 
have no knowledge of programming. Sounds silly, but I'm really just 
playing around with the code in the hopes of learning something. I'm sure 
my question here will lead to the obvious answer: "learn how to code!" 
but perhaps there is a simple answer.

In adding the Abbreviations snippet I ran accross something I haven't 
seen in the other snippets (yet):
	In 'handler.c', change isname() to this:
	#define WHITESPACE " \t"
       -followed by the main body of the code.
My question is basically, does the #define statement actually get placed 
in handler.c or does it go in some other file? (for some reason I'm 
thinking it might go in handler.h)
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