Re: Strange Errors Causing Crashes

From: Sammy (
Date: 10/28/96

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996 wrote:

- I have developed a real annoying problem. Here is the error I am
- getting in the errors file:
- Sat Oct 26 14:57:24 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not updated
- Now these crashes all occurred during a period when no players were
- on. I removed the only code I added since I developed this bug and
- it only seemed to space the crashes further apart. (They were only
- like 5 to 10 minutes apart before) I am clueless and cannot track
- this one down, the only other possibility is my other coder may
- have been building online with obuild, but I cannot contact him
- at the moment. Could world files cause such a problem? Has anyone
- seen this or know of the possible source?

I'm not aware of any infinite loops in obuild.  It sounds like you've got
some new code that's causing an endless loop condition.  It's real easy to
find tho.  Just fire up your favorite debugger and when you get the lockup
break circle and see what line it's at.  That line is somewhere in the
middle of your endless loop.


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