[code/ideas] hedit (online help editor)

From: Michael Scott (scottm@dns.workcomm.net)
Date: 10/28/96

> If you're using the improved_edit patch it'd be real easy to add your own
> help editor to obuild.  Just look at the rset description code and you'll
> see how simple editing big strings is.  All you need is to write an hedit
> command that figures out which entry you're editing (or decides you're
> making a new one).

	Welp, its actually harder than it sounds.

1) the help entries are all split up into a sorted array by keyword,
2) the keywords have entries which are duped all over the place.  So, you 
have like 3 keywords pointing at the same entry.
3) 'Add'ing a reference to an entry is also different, cause your not 
making a new entry, you're making a new index with an entry pointer 
pointing to an already made entry.

	Needless to say, hedit is done, for all intents and purposes on 
my mud, I am just making it more user friendly right now, due to the 
	Right now the first keyword of a help entry is the ACTUAL entry, 
all the other keywords are called 'references'.  And in my hedit you can 
only edit the help text if you are editing the 'actual' entry, otherwise 
you can view it, but not edit, as well as you can only see the level at 
which the help becomes available, you cant change it while editing the 
reference.  It does however show you the keyword of the 'actual' entry, 
and there's a function to 'goto' it.  (which gives you the option of 
saving the reference before you do).  Now in the 'actual' entry you can 
also list its references and 'goto' another entry (by keyword).
	But you see my point.  It's not fluent.  You have to jump around 
to edit ONE help entry, if you want to set up aliases for it.

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