[Code] OLC editors

From: Eric de Groot (ericdeg@ptdprolog.net)
Date: 10/29/96

Hiya everyone-

   Sorry if you have already received a similar letter from myself, for
reason the first one i sent, came back saying user circle unknown, wich
cant be right because i am still receiving mail from everyone else.  

   Anyhow-Can everyone give me thier opinion on OLC editors.  We have
been using OasisOLC since the bigging, and our builders spend a lot of
thier time waiting for it to be fixed, as well do I fixing it.  What I
would like
to know is, is it just me?  I have seen lots of email concerning Oasis, so
i kinda doubt it.  The real question would be, does anyone out there have
a stable OLC editor other than oasis?  
   I am trying Obuild out right now, wich hasent crashed the ud or casued 
any errors yet.  If anyone out there uses Obuild, How is it?  Do you have
any problems with it?  How do your builders feel about using it(I doubt my
builders will like it, since it doesent have the color menu;)?

   This is very important, for some reason when Oasis is down on my mud
everyone seems to think the mud is dieing, everyone has become so 
dependant on OLC, wierd;)  

                                                   Hope i get some good


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