Re: OasisOLC/Linux problem

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/29/96

Ole Gjerde <> wrote: [Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:26:01 -0600 (CST)]

>  Since my host upgraded Linux to 2.0.18, I've been having some problems 
>  with OasisOLC(mostly medit).
>  I'm mostly asking to see if anyone else have been having problems with 
>  that on Linux version > 2.0.0.  I have asked them to upgrade to 
>  2.0.24(when it comes out) just to make sure there is not some bug in that 
>  version of Linux that would do this.
>  I have located the problem somewhat.  It's mostly medit that is the 
>  problem, but if I edit an existing mob it works fine.  If I edit a mob 
>  that doesn't exist, and just hit 'q', without changing anything, it quits 
>  out and gives me a prompt.  But the next thing i type and hit enter, it 
>  always crashes.  The crash is always in cleanup_olc();, I can't remember 
>  which statement right now.  If I edit an non-existing mob, and change 
>  something, and type y to save it internally, it crashes right away on 
>  "free(mob_index);", this is after where it renumbers the mobs.
I had the same error. When you create a new mob and don't save it, it
attempts to free a prototype for a mob that doesn't exist (at least
that's what I remember)

The easy way out is to not let people quit after creating a new mob..
force a save.. Harder is to figure out that it's a new mob and skip the
free/redoing of the prototype an the mobs in the game. This was about
six months ago.. and there may well have been a patch or something to
fix it.. Oasis debugging is a big haze to me.. Sort of a trial by fire,
as I had just started learning circle, and had barely figured out that
d->character == ch *grin*

>  This would be fine and all, but the weird part is that it worked fine 
>  when the machine was running 1.2.13, but now with 2.0.18, it wont work.
Strangely enough it happened to me when I was running 1.2.13....


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