[CODE] [INFO] New CircleMUD Derivative

From: Takis Kalogiratos (nodens@compulink.gr)
Date: 10/30/96

for some help.
 I building from scratch the CircleMUD code correcting bugs, adding some stuff
that I think that are necessery and EVERY MUD coder codes on his own plus
many more things that I think would be cool having as an option such as:
 MobProgs (some AI routines I've been coding for mobs still needing a lot of
work though)
 Many different options on information commands (act.informative.c is
completely            built from scratch giving commands like saving throws
display and            other stuff with a level depended on/off switch)
 Wider use of things that were slightly used (Charisma for example having effect
           on prices etc)
 A more ad&d way of combat (which includes breath attacks and stuff...)
 And many more cool stuff

 I would like to know if I have the permission to use the "derivative of
CircleMUD" name and some parts of the code that will not change this means
of course that the credit, licence, sourse and header files will be modified
as the CircleMUD package defines to.

 I would also like administrators to send me code rip-offs from their
Circle-based muds or ideas that they would like to see implemented on

 If everything goes well I hope the first version of PerfectMUD (0.1 BETA)
will be ready on January.

 Thanks in advance,
Takis Kalogiratos

ps I am in need of any help I can get... :)
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Name :
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