Re: Re[2]: The PerfectMUD? Just an opinion

From: Andrew Jones (
Date: 10/31/96

Of course stock stuff is nice, what I would consider ideal would be to 
include a directory off of the circlebpl* directory, called possible 
additions, ie a directory with a lot of code that the implementors could 
chose whether they put it in the code or not, like a bunch of patchs with 
one big read-me.

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> > While it is true that many muds will then have identical features, these 
> > features already de facto standard; they just aren't in stock circle.  
> > Things like aliases that save, for example. There is no reason for saving 
> > aliases not to be a stock feature.  For what possible purpose would a game 
> > administrator want non-saving aliases?  Isn't one of the first things 
> > everybody does is put in the saved alias patch?
> There is no reason that aliases don't save.  It's a bug.  It's going to 
> fixed be in pl12.
> The whole point of the CircleMUD project was to include features that 
> *everyone* agrees are standard, so that imps can spend their time coding 
> something new.  If there are completely de-factor standard "stock" things 
> that everyone agrees should be in Circle, then I'll probably add them -- 
> as long as they do not violate the "stockness" of the base.
> Now, keep in mind also that I have been out of touch with the MUD world 
> for a while because I don't play MUDs.  My entire view of the MUD world 
> is based on the mail that I read on this list and the mail sent to me.  
> Please, tell me: if "scan", name abbreviations, etc are totoall standard, 
> and if there are high-quality patches available for them, then I'll 
> integrate them into the base.
> Now, to anyone who wants to release their OWN base: of course, you are 
> encourged to do so if you want to.  Obviously I've made a lot of 
> judgements in releasing Circle (i.e. what should be stock and what 
> shouldn't), and if your views differ, well, release your own base code. 
> :)  Just keep in mind that it's not as easy as just releasing code.  It's 
> a balancing act to try to keep everyone happy; it's trying to add new 
> features without disturbing the installed base (e.g. playerfile or world 
> formats); it's the need to write huge amounts of documentation; and it's 
> the need to reply to a mountain of mail.
> Regards,
> Jeremy
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