Purge causing a crash now..

Date: 10/30/96

I do not know what the hell has happended to my mud, I have
about three different types of crashes occuring:
-a long lag period and then it finnally crashes with tics not updated
-immediate crash with no message
-and now a new one right after I use purge, seg fault.

I use gdb on my core files and I get a message that says
the error is at or near  mobact.c line 47, which I have
not even remotely messed with.

Anyways, I have stock purge code in my source and now I get a seg fault
immediately after I use the command. (w/o arguments)

I have removed the only source code I installed since these bugs
occured, and they still exits. (I even went with an older backup
making sure I was in the clear). These are the first crashes I
have experienced, other than buggy skills and spells that immediately crashed 
the mud and were then fixed. Does anyone have any suggestions
on where to look? I have no idea what code to even post...

Can a change in the OS cause some of this?  (I am getting desperate at this
btw: this is SunOS 5.4

Thanks for any help,

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