Re: Purge causing a crash now..

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 10/31/96

>I do not know what the hell has happended to my mud, I have
>about three different types of crashes occuring:
>-a long lag period and then it finnally crashes with tics not updated

sounds like a conflict with something in the tick update.  Did you add
anything new to limits.c?

>-immediate crash with no message

Sounds like a specific command.  It may be an OS conflict, I get a few of
those ever so often.  Is anyone on when it happens?  If so, check what was
the last thing they did.

>-and now a new one right after I use purge, seg fault.

Sounds like an OLC problem.  I had problems with the OLC in that when I
editted a mob or object and it was in existance in the MUD, it would mess
up the strings of the mob, then when I tried to purge it, kablooie.

>I use gdb on my core files and I get a message that says
>the error is at or near  mobact.c line 47, which I have
>not even remotely messed with.

May be just a spec that is conflicting.  First step when finding the cause
of a bug, test the MUD with new stuff you added in.  TRY and cause the
crash.  If you can isolate where the crash occurs, then you know where to
start.  GDB is useful for sef faults and core dumps, but if you can find
out if a crash was directly related to a command, start giving send_to_char
debugging lines to try and see at what point of the routine it crashes.
Next, when you isolate it, comment out line to see if you can 'remove' to
bug.  If you can get through the routine without a crash with the line
commented out, look at the line carefully.  Does it have a conflict that
could be solved with a sanity check?  Is it a mathematical bug?  (division
by 0)  Is it a conflict of types?  If you can't figure it out once you have
gotten to this point, post it, and we'll see if we can't help you.  :)

>Anyways, I have stock purge code in my source and now I get a seg fault
>immediately after I use the command. (w/o arguments)

Hmmm...definely sounds like there is something else in the room.  Ok, check
all the macros that purge uses.  Also check any routines that it sub calls.
Have you changed any of them?  It may just be a strange problem.  Another
thing is that it could be that you have named a routine something other
than it was.  I had a problem once when I had a integer named "number" and
I needed to use the number function.  Since you haven't changed purge, it's
probably something that purge calls.  Look for any code that you may have
added in recently.

>I have removed the only source code I installed since these bugs
>occured, and they still exits. (I even went with an older backup
>making sure I was in the clear). These are the first crashes I
>have experienced, other than buggy skills and spells that immediately crashed
>the mud and were then fixed. Does anyone have any suggestions
>on where to look? I have no idea what code to even post...

Keep looking.  Try the send_to_char in the purge, see if you can't find
which line causes the crash, if any.

>Can a change in the OS cause some of this?  (I am getting desperate at this
>btw: this is SunOS 5.4

It's possible.  If you moved from one OS to another without reconfiguring,
that might just be the problem.

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