Re: [Off-Topic] Meridian 59

From: Project Leader McCoy (
Date: 10/30/96

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Mark McArthey wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if anyone has seen the game called 'Meridian 59'??


> It is being advertised as a graphical interface MUD.  
> It looks ok as far as graphics go, but I'm curious how the 
> gameplay is.  The success of it depends on people buying
> the game and liking the interface.  

You might also want to consider Ultima Online, which should be released by
Origin sometimes next year.  It's entering beta-testing sometime this
year, IIRC.  It looks like Ultima VIII, but is based on an Internet server
(at Origin) that can be modified with a fair bit of ease.  The interface
is supposed to be pretty good; much improved over Ultima VIII.

> Like many products, there
> are most likely copycats to follow.  Anyone have opinions on
> how this type of product might affect the standard text-based
> muds?  

Most likely, it won't.  It's still going to be a lot easier to set up a
text-based MUD than it will be to set up a graphics-based MUD.

A good TBI MUD requires one thing: creativity.  A good GUI MUD requires
two things: artistic ability and creativity.  I, for example, have lots of
the latter and none whatsoever of the former.

> I had seen an ad for this game, and just recently saw it at CompUSA
> so take a look if you're intrigued. 

If it costs money, I'd have to say "No."  The only reason I'm interested
in Ultima Online is that I was thinking of doing something really similar
and (more importantly) the beta test costs a mere $2.00.

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