Re: [Code] Help compiling 'Utils'

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 10/30/96

> At 06:19 PM 10/30/96 -0500, Prometheus wrote:
> >I am using Win95 to run CircleMUD and have it compiled (src dir) but i
> >cannot compile the utils (ex: autowiz, etc) in the src/util directory...
> >also i cannot get the autorun and automaint files in the main directory
> >compile .. can anyone help? I have MSVC++ 4.0 ..
> >thanks in advance
> >
> I remember when I ran into this problem.  I believe, that the utilities
> designed for a unix operating system, not a Dos or NT based system.  I,
> of current, still have not figured out a way to fix this problem.
> Tim

I got the utils to work on 95 a while back... well kinda. i got them to
compile but i really messed a few of them up and didn't feel like fixxing
them. All you need to do is to go to file|new and choose project workspace
then pick console apps and go throuhg whatever it wants. then include the
file into the project and just make any changes that are strictly unix and
for this look at how the rest of Circle is written for this and follow
lead. I plan on doinng it again so if you are interested i will post my
mods to the list after i finish. it shouldn't be that hard. The only thing
that made it hard last time i tried was the fact that i didn't have MSVC
and had to write the WinMain and other stuff.

Christopher M. Ryan

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