From: The Chuckster (wcarson@umr.edu)
Date: 10/31/96

I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to use
the G debugger. I have found a little info on the web
and my sys admin has not installed the man pages for
GDB yet, so I am in a bind.

I have a bug somewhere in the code, I believe it is
an infinite loop popping up somewhere, Because I get
a ticks not updated syserr, and then a crash. What
makes it harder, is that it happens very radnomly,
the game can be up for 8 hrs somethimes, or just
10 minutes another, I cannot for the life of me track
this down. I do know that it only happens after a player
has been on recently but it does not seem to be related
to any skill or spell or anything the player does while
he is on. I get a 2meg core dump each time it crashes.

Can anyone give me a brief walk thru on how to use GDB
to find this problem? Someone mentioned start circle with
GDB and then when the mud 'locks up' hit CTRL C in the
GDB window and it will tell you what line the debugger is
on.. This did not work.

Any help is greatly appreciated, for I have stepped into
uncharted lands with this debugger.

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