Re: [OFF TOP] Quick course for GDB

From: Thomas Katzlberger (
Date: 10/31/96

To all the heros not beeing able to use GDB ...

You wrote:
> Can anyone give me a brief walk thru on how to use GDB
> to find this problem? Someone mentioned start circle with
> GDB and then when the mud 'locks up' hit CTRL C in the
> GDB window and it will tell you what line the debugger is
> on.. This did not work.

quick course:

> cd src
> gdb ../bin/circle
blah ...
gdb> run

[log into your mud from another terminal]

gdb> [Control-C] 
gdb> bt
gdb> list
gdb> print variable-name
gdb> up
gdb> l
gdb> down
gdb> l


gdb> step (exec one line of sourcecode, if its a function go down there and stop)
gdb> next (exec one line of sourcecode, don't descend into function calls)
gdb> continue (resume running)
gdb> break <function_name> (stops at first call of function_name)
gdb> disable 1 (disable breakpoint 1)

Last time I forgot to mention that gdb has to be
running from the src directory.

> cd src
> gdb ../bin/circle ../lib/core
... same as above ...

GDB is like a mud: type 'l' if you want to look and 'print <var>' 
instead of gossip to get info. 'backtrace' (bt) is like 'who' and 
will show you who are culprits and 'up' and 'down' let you select 

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