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From: Niese-Petersen (
Date: 10/31/96

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Thomas Katzlberger wrote:

> To all the heros not beeing able to use GDB ...
> You wrote:
> > Can anyone give me a brief walk thru on how to use GDB
> > to find this problem? Someone mentioned start circle with
> > GDB and then when the mud 'locks up' hit CTRL C in the
> > GDB window and it will tell you what line the debugger is
> > on.. This did not work.

Try Ctrl-z .. Works for me..

> quick course:
> Last time I forgot to mention that gdb has to be
> running from the src directory.

Not really.. Add in the Makefile under MYFLAGS the flag -ggdb3 [-g3, or
whatever you feel like it gotta be (check out 'man gcc' for info on that
flag)]. Remove all *.o files and compile it all again.. No need to be in
the src directory anymore.  Only disadvantage is the extra size on the
server file [Not big big.. but a little bigger :) ]

Then 'gdb bin/circle lib/core' is enough [or lib/circle.core on some

---more snip---

Never failed me..

Erik Niese-Petersen
Aka Quint The typo God
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