[code] OLC...HELP!!!

From: Dan Johnson (danpatti@dreamscape.com)
Date: 10/31/96

OK I really need your input.
I'm presently using OasisOLC with the improved_edit_patch
in my MUD...I'm having some problems, though(which were
there before i put in the patch, so the patch didnt help or hurt 
it). I seem to be having problems editing  only certain areas...
for example...zone 30(main Midguard) is really messed up..
Even if I do as little as edit a text description, Once I save the
change..It crashes....And I have no ideas why. I was told something 
about that the wld dont come separated...but I really dont understand
It looks like its separated fine.
Also in the sewer below Midguard, OLC doesn't show the commands
for the MOB's. It loads them on the MUD, But we cant edit them
because we cant see the commands to edit.
I'm having same kind of problems in zone 40. I dont know about
other areas yet...I've been trying to figure these out first.
Do you have ANY ideas to help me fix this problem?
I'm presently running on circle30bpl11
And running MUD on bsdi unix
I dont know what else you need...I just want to get this problem fixed.
I'd appreciate ANY help you could be in fixing this

Thank-You so much

Oh, if you want to E-mail me personaly i'm at
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