From: M.A.Clubine (maclubin@adala.smith.cis.syr.edu)
Date: 10/31/96

Well we have been having the same problem with zone 30.  Whenever we try 
and save it it destroyes the 30.wld file leaving 0 bytes in it's place.  
That is really annoying, so we back it up everytime we hand edit it.  It 
seems this is the only zone that does it, I was assuming there was a NULL 
description, and that was what was causing it.  (ie a room w/o a room 
description, and when olc hit that spot in the file it died.)

The second problem I have seen people have that I also have it medit when 
creating a new mob.  Anyone seem to fix this one yet?  Also anyone have a 
problem with objects not saving after a reboot?

We are using circlepatch 10 on a SunOS system.  (We even updated out libc 
file thinking that might have been the problem.)


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