Re: Re[2]: [Circle] Win95 - HELP!

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 11/02/96

> Download ddd then, the Data Display Debugger.  It's a far better debugger 
> (IMHO) then the MSVC debugger, it's fully graphical, and it's for UNIX.
> The coolest thing it does is show a graph of your data structure -- if 
> you create a binary tree, you can click a button (during runtime) and 
> some or all of the binary tree will appear on your screen, with each node 
> appearing as a box, and the contents of the box being the elements of the 
> structure.

You knew this was coming right?  Where exactly is the
site that I can download this DDD at?  I'll do a quick
search of yahoo after this, but just in case... :)

Jason "No, don't ask when pl12 is due" Goodwin

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