Re: Re[2]: [Circle] Win95 - HELP!

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 11/02/96

>  >  > > ( or localhost) but when someone else tries to connect it is
>  >  > > really slow... i'm using circlemud ported to win95 ... anyone know wh
>  >  >                                                ^^^^^

> Hmm. Then why do I write code on win95, and test on it? Because it works
> and it's a hell of a lot easier to debug problems than with GDB.

Download ddd then, the Data Display Debugger.  It's a far better debugger 
(IMHO) then the MSVC debugger, it's fully graphical, and it's for UNIX.

The coolest thing it does is show a graph of your data structure -- if 
you create a binary tree, you can click a button (during runtime) and 
some or all of the binary tree will appear on your screen, with each node 
appearing as a box, and the contents of the box being the elements of the 

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